by torches

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recorded and written between kalamazoo, iron mountain and houghton by torches.

all my thanks to cait spera, dillon geshel, jake carlson, alex mallos, ben sherk, mike shupe, mom & dad, tina & gregg, bro phi bro, 1209, the orpheum theatre and all the places i've lived.

watch the video for darkly here -


released June 7, 2012

guest vocals : cait spera



all rights reserved
Track Name: repretender
repretend me again cause i'll do anything to cross that line
if yours crosses into mine

repretend we amend all our shortcomings and all our lies
forget all our failed tries
of trying to find out

repretend we didn't end things on the wrong foot last time
the other one felt just fine

repretend we didn't send each other off into the night
alone after fight
of drying our tired eyes

repretend we defend each other even if we're not right
i know i'm not half the time

repretend i depend on you and not all this stupid shit
that makes me go fog-eyed
crazy and half blind
Track Name: darkly
what's it like in the night?
what's it like in the dark?

i watched the ship five leagues off
cast nets into the sea
the hands dragged up not fish but weeds
that once entangled me
somehow i broke loose
you cried at what i came to be
lungs fill with smoke and ice
my eyes bleed at what they see!

you laid me down here
goodnight moon, underneath the giving tree
where the ancient & greater hooved beasts feed
and in fear, i mount and flee
broken knees, unfulfilled needs
lost with you between a and z
don't worry, princess, i don't blame you, no
i don't blame you
i blame me!

what's it like in the night?
what's it like in the dark?